Anel Alexander and Scramble Productions

Anel Alexander is perhaps best known for her roles in two of South Africa’s most popular soap operas. In 7de Laan, she won the viewers’ hearts as the shy Liesl, and then she showed her versatility as a drug addict, Nina, in MNet’s Egoli.
Anel believes you should never underestimate the power of hard work and started her professional career as she studied drama at the University of Pretoria. At that time she was in the State Theatre in Pretoria, and performed in the musicals, The Witness and Jesu – An African Portrait and joined forces with theater legend, Nicholas Ellenbogen in the KKNK play The Passion Calitzdorp. In 2002 she passed her degree with distinction and was immediately snapped up by one of South Africa’s top agents in the entertainment industry.

Soon after she gets the opportunity to show off her musical and dance talents in cabaret Blondes, before she was approached by the 7de Laan team to play Liesl, the “ugly duckling that turns into a swan”. She had previously worked before cameras in well known TV series such as The Mating Game, Zero Tolerance 3, Amalia 2, City Ses’la, Hillside and Rhythm City and the popular KykNET series Married with Rugby.

Between the television work, Anel’s love for the theater continued and she was involved in a lot of festival productions, the highlight Bosryk when she shared the stage with the African theater icon, Gys de Villiers. She was also the co-producer, and played, Discreet, Upmarket, 24/7 at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival (2005 and 2006) and the Arts Festival (2006). Anel also at the end of 2007, played the role of Steve Hofmeyr’s wife in the African musical’s how it was – The Steve Hofmeyr Story play.

She recently spread her wings and commenced with TV show presenter work, and included the anchor woman for the magazine program, 3:16 and also presented the energetic arts and culture program, Artcha, both for SABC 2. She has also been a guest presenter for the popular Pasella aired on SABC 2.

Anel’s greatest passion, however,is film work and she and her husband, James Alexander, and their company, Scramble Productions, produced the local independent film, Discreet. She not only raised the funds, produced and marketed the film, but also played the lead role in it. Discreet released domestically in November 2008 and was described by critics as a triumph for South African films. The film was also released internationally in 2011 by Green Apple Entertainment.


Fun Outdoor Gifting Ideas for our competition winners !


During the marketing run up to the launch of our most amazing move we brainstormed some ideas on what would be a really awesome prize to win in the “Semi-Soet” The movie contest for our supporters. We wanted a prize as thrilling and exciting as our movie is. A prize that would not simply be a prize, but more of an experience, something that the Semi-Soet prizewinner would remember for the rest of their lives.

Paragliding in South Africa

Try a paragliding above Cape Town experience; this is a fun and exciting activity that can be done by mostly anybody. Experienced instructors will be with you the entire time, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride and spectacular views. Capture the moment on video or camera and cherish the memory for years to come. There are plenty of companies in South Africa that offer this exciting adventure from Cape Town, Johannesburg, Sun City and the Garden route. You are spoilt for choice as to places and venues to visit and experience our beautiful country from a different perspective. You can search for companies in your area or you can try out a gifting website such as; gift experience South Africa that contains a number of paragliding information in one website as well as other amazing gifting ideas that you might want to consider.

Skydiving as the ultimate adventure gifting experience

South Africa is known for its great climate, clear blue skies and spectacular views. If you are daring enough to fling yourself out of an aircraft with a parachute, then this is the thrill ride for you. No experience is required for this extreme sport as a tandem Skydive is the easiest and best way to experience this adventure for the first time.

There are a number of agencies nationwide: Skydive Cape Town, Skydive Africa, mother city skydiving, Skydive Parys just to name a few. Most options allow you to take videos or photos so that you can remember your adventure. This is a unique and memorable idea anybody who receives this is going to be bowled over with excitement.


Craving the extreme and youโ€™re not afraid of heights then abseiling is something you should try. Abseiling basically involves making a controlled decent down a steep cliff, no worries though as there is always a professional around to help and guide you. There are a number of places to visit in South Africa from Cape Town to Knysna and more. Some companies include an entire adventure day with abseiling, canoeing and rock jumping so you can really enjoy the outdoor experience. There have numerous exciting abseiling documentaries made which make the sport look extremely appealing if you like thrill seeking.


Sandboarding is a great outdoor adventure sport. Anybody can enjoy sandboarding, all you have to be is fairly fit and there is little equipment and clothes you need to enjoy this sport. This is also an activity you can do with a number of friends or family so everybody can have fun with you. Locations can be found of course in Cape Town, but also in Port Elizabeth, Knysna and even in Gauteng on the old mine dump slopes at Mount Mayhem.

Zip line and canopy tours

Zip lining basically involves a person who is harnessed into a system sliding down a cable stretched between two points. There are usually a number of platforms to slide across and depending on your location it will take you past waterfalls, valleys and beautiful scenery. The experienced guides, which ensure safety, also provide an educational experience talking about the environment around you. There are again plenty of locations to choose from if you are in Cape Town, the Magaliesburg, and the Tsitsikama forest just to name a few.

So these were a few of the extreme sports or activities we discussed as offering up as prize to the lucky winner of our Semi-Soet Movie contest. The prize would be something that got the winners heart pounding in such a way that they would never forget the experience or Semi Soet the movie. Ultimately after much deliberation we settled on giving the prizewinner the opportunity to join Skywings paragliding Cape Town, an amazing Cape Town paragliding company that offers thrill seekers the opportunity to tandem paraglide high above the Mother city of Cape Town. Skywings launch from Signal Hill and Lion’s head in Cape Town. We even went and tried it out for ourselves to make sure we had made the best decision for our prizewinners. Wow !!!!! What an experience !! Having spent a great deal of time in Cape Town in my life, I can’t say I have ever experienced it with the thrill of paragliding high above it, or with that thrilling sensation. I left feeling that in some way my perspective on my whole life had changed, not just my perspective on Cape Town.

So, good luck to those applicants in our Semi-Soet Movie competition, the prize is something I can personally say is something you will never forget…..quite like our movie ๐Ÿ™‚

Louw Venter and Semi Soet

Louw Venter is a tall, lanky actor and writer. He is best known for his role as Corne in The Most Amazing Show, but has also played numerous film and television roles. He also played supporting roles in international productions such as In My Country with Juliette Binoche and Samuel L Jackson and the art film Black Butterflies.

He participated in Survivor Santa Carolina and is often seen as an improviser on kykNET Spekskieters and comedy and on the silver screen in Rainbow Skellums.
Louw is an award-winning copywriter, with scripts for television series, The Most Amazing Show, films, short films and numerous stage productions under his belt. He lives in Cape Town and has a wife, two kids, a dog, a cat and a penchant for Parmesan cheese ๐Ÿ™‚

How was it to work with Nico / Sandra / Pam / Paul / Diaan and Corine?

They are all professionals and therefore felt more like a vacation. I take my hat off to all of them – as in literally. It’s just that thing with Nico’s breath …

What was a highlight during the filming?

Probably chasing in a Maserati through the streets of Johannesburg and flying over the vineyards in a helicopter. Oh, and of course rushing into the bathroom while Anel was in the bath!

Why should people go and see Semi-sweet ?

Because that’s the finest and funniest film ever made in this country. And Louw Venter is in it – love that guy’s movies!